Sunday, September 29, 2013

What To Do About ObamaCare

First things first: I'm an ex-Pat living as a permanent resident in the Philippines, so I am exempt from ObamaCare and the IRS fines associated with not having healthcare insurance. In fact, I was allowed to opt out of Medicare because there are no Medicare providers in the Philippines. I have no 1st person skin in this game - however, my sons still live in the United States. I have other family there. And I have many friends who still live there. So my concerns about ObamaCare are because I am concerned about _them_.

I'm conflicted when it comes to what to do about ObamaCare. My first choice is to just repeal it, second is to defund it - however, I'm afraid that so much damage has been done already to the insurance infrastructure we had before that there is no way to get back to the pre-ObamaCare state.

Delaying it will just give the politicians some breathing room for the 2014 elections. No one will know the true pain yet and will probably vote the corrupt bastards back into office. That will be a big mistake. Plus, even with it delayed, businesses will still have the spectre of ObamaCare hanging over their heads and it will negatively impact the American economy.

I don't want everyone to go through the pain, but we may have to for a short while so the true destructiveness of ObamaCare is known. Maybe we should just fund it now, so the backlash is so great that a great cleansing wave washes over Washington in 2014. Then we can repeal it and figure out what to do to repair the damage.

One thing I do know - there needs to be tort reform included in any revamp of the healthcare system so that costs can be held in check. Doctors and others are required to spend a large portion of their earnings on malpractice insurance. If that can be reduced, then the amount charged to the consumers can be reduced.