Thursday, December 20, 2012

I'm FAMOUS (Again)

And, again, not really. But I had another project posted on Hack-A-Day:

Click HERE to see the article.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Super Typhoon PABLO Is Headed Our Way

220kph sustained winds. 270kph gusts. It will cross Mindanao tomorrow (Tuesday) and give the Metro Manila area grief starting late Wednesday and all day Thursday. Batten down the hatches!!!

UPDATE 12.1206:
We are fine. Only overcast skies - no rain or wind. But south of Cebu is a different story - hundreds dead, thousands homeless.

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Going To Hell - But Healthy

The People's Republic Of Kalifornia has decided that in order to follow a healthy lifestyle, the slaves citizens of the republic SHALL NOT EAT MEAT ON MONDAYS.

WTH? Doesn't Kalifornia have other issues to deal with that are more important - like the dire financial straits they are in?

I'm thinking I need to send this picture to the Kalifornia Legislature members on Monday:

Friday, November 9, 2012

Happy Birthday, Asawa Ko!!!

Yesterday was my beautiful Asawa's birthday. We had a wonderful celebration with lots of food, lots of family and friends, and LOTS of Karaoke. Mahal na mahal na mahal kita, asawa ko. My heart belongs to you forever and ever.

This is my Asawa, Ronalyn. Still as beautiful as the first time I met her. I'm a lucky, lucky man.

And this is me, eating crispy pork skin (lechon). Hmmm - masarap!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Good Night's Sleep Does Wonders

I'm done with my post-election meltdown. Back to what is going on as it relates to my personal experiences in Paradise.

My new outlook:

What Really Happened On November 6th

We play too nice. Romney is a really nice guy - too nice. It's time to bring out the bears. If they mess with the bears, they lose a fucking arm. And a leg. We need to recruit someone that will tear into the opposition with no hesitation. The media is going to try to kill us no matter what we do, so we might as well go for the jugular and than laugh as the opposition bleeds out. Benghazi is a Impeachable nightmare and we should have gone for Obama's throat on the matter. Screw the old guard media - they have Obama (or whatever lefty jerk) so deep down their throats that they couldn't respond if their own asses were on fire. And their asses are on fire - oh, yes they are, and I plan to fan the flames and hope it consumes them.

It's time to stand up for what we really believe in. No more mamby-pamby pandering to those we fear we might offend. Screw them, they aren't going to vote for what is right for this country anyway and they make up a small percentage of the electorate. I'm sick and tired of kowtowing to the one person who is offended by a Christmas display, or that we don't have every government document in 23 gazillion different languages. Lay out the ugly reality for everyone and tell them how we are going to fix it. All of this 'global warming' and 'green energy' and 'special interest' crap goes on the back burner - or off the stove completely. Unless we fix this country, there's going to be new management and the special interests aren't going to like it one bit - think our 'New Chinese Overlords' . Fix the economy, get everyone working again, make most of us flush with cash, and THEN we'll talk about windmills and hybrid cars and special rights for the 1% (or less) of the population. But until the economy is running on all cylinders and we reverse the deficit, and we reduce the government and we start paying off the National Debt, all that nonsense will have to wait. If we default on our loans - our debt to our foreign creditors - our new Chinese Overlords are going to take over and they are not going to be very receptive to the whining that goes on today.

The big problem is - America as a whole is too short-sighted. We need to give everyone the long-term vision.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


OBAMA 59,584,661*
ROMNEY 56,959,312

(from Drudge - 12.1107)

Are 60 MILLION Americans really that fucking stupid?

Oy, vey!

Hopefully the well deserved nuclear apocalypse won't make it all the way to the islands...

Goodbye America

It was a nice run while it lasted - 237 years. I doubt you'll survive the next four.

You can call me when you have returned to your collective senses - until then, goodbye and thanks for all the fish.

Sunday, October 28, 2012


Well, not really. BUT - the hits on one of my websites has gone up dramatically!

One of my goofy projects - A Dual Die Emulator, using a PIC 12F629 - was picked up by the website Hack-A-Day. So, there you go - I'm linked from another BIG website and I'm getting all sorts of traffic. And several smaller blogs have picked up the article from Hack-A-Day. The 'net is an amazing thing.

Here's the project on Hack-A-Day: A PIC Powered Pair Of Electronic Dice
Here's the project on Embedds: Dual Dice Project On A PIC
Here's the project on some Japanese blog (translated): PIC AVR Blog Workshop 
And here's the project on MY website: Prototyping A Dual Die Emulator (PIC12F629)

Cool, huh?

Domains For Sale

I have two (mostly unused) domain names for sale:
If you are interested, send me an email and let's talk.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Home Stretch! (Or - How I Spent My Fall Vacation)

Finally getting around to painting/trimming out the office furniture.
It's scary - it looks so much like the labs I spent hours upon hours in at VLSI/Philips.
I guess that was the look I was going for.

I don't think the cardboard box (used for recycling) is working out, tho.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Post-Presidential Debate Insight

Here's my take on the debate and Obama's poor performance:

You know all of those polls that show Obama in the lead? They are all shams. Obama knows the real numbers, and they are not good for him. The man is not used to not being number one, and he hates it. Absolutely hates it. So, when he went into the debate, he knew it wasn't going to be good for his numbers, and he just shut down. He was a m
an admitting defeat. Beaten. He didn't want to be there, he really doesn't want to be President anymore, because the thrill is gone and everything is not as shiny and new and FUN as it used to be.

And what is worse is he has all of this pressure on him from his campaign, his supporters and his wife to be the big winner again. The man is not a 'get into the trenches and fight for each yard of gain' type of guy. He wants everything to be easy. He wants everyone to kowtow to him. He wants everyone to love him and just follow his lead. When he faces sincere opposition he folds. And that is what we saw last Wednesday night - a man who has folded and is just waiting for the end to come so he can continue on with what he wants to do. Something fun. Something easy. Not this.

This is just another reason to vote for Romney - is Obama the type of person you want to go head-to-head with the likes of Putin, the muslim brotherhood, and the other evil dictators of the world? He is just a cheap suit and will fold like one. Romney showed us strength and leadership. That is NOT what we have had for the past four years.

BTW: Thanks to Clint Eastwood for his brilliant speech at the RNC Convention and for putting the 'empty chair = Obama' image in the American lexicon. Anyone that thinks Mr. Eastwood is just a rambling old man is clueless.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hire-A-Gimp Carpentry

I did a little carpentry today - I needed to box up the fuse box and submeter so the conduits and rough concrete are hidden. We couldn't do a finish on the concrete because - well, to be honest, the placement of the boxes wasn't well thought out and finishing the concrete would have meant never being able to open the service panels. Oh, well - not great, but not bad.

Monday, October 1, 2012

The MadLab/Office Is Finished!

Well, the construction/tiling/painting part is finished.
Now I get to build furniture and organize it.

Kind of a 360 degree view below:

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Security Alert Issued For Metro Manila


My Asawa and I went to the embassy yesterday, which is in the Pasay area of Manila, in order to take care of some paperwork. When we tried to disembark the taxi in front of the embassy, a nice man with a BIG gun told us we could NOT unload here, and to go down the block. After walking one block back to the embassy, the number of automatic rifles and shotguns visible had increased dramatically since the last time we had been at the embassy. Once inside, it was quiet - very, _very_ quiet. The usual throngs of people vying for a US visa were missing. It appears that the US embassy has shut down all services except for those for US Citizens. Very strange day at the embassy. At least they were taking threats seriously here, unlike what the State Department did in Libya.


Yesterday, the US Embassy in Manila issued a security alert to US Citizens to warn of threats of unspecified attacks on US Citizens and US interests. Today, other western nations are issuing their own security alerts.

Be careful out there.

US Alert News
Other Western Nation Alert News

Friday, September 28, 2012

Anti-Cybercrimes Law Goes In Effect Oct. 3rd

GOOD. Among the other things this law does - it outlaws cybersex. I don't know how they are going to enforce it, but at least they recognize that cybersex is a BIG problem here in the Philippines. To fix a problem, you have to first acknowledge the problem.

I'm going to keep an eye on this and see if there is anything I can do to help.

Story here.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Monday, September 24, 2012

MadLab/Office Update - 12.0923

Just a quick update on the MadLab/Office - plastering is just about completed. We should have glass in the window tomorrow. I have been busy building the basics of the furniture, with fitting, trim and paint to come after the tile floor is installed and the walls/ceiling are painted. So far, so good. Still a long way to go yet.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I love the 3rd of each month. It's payday - thank you, Uncle Sam and all you taxpayers out there. Bills, meds, groceries and various supplies. Happiness is a stocked pantry.

Friday, August 31, 2012

7.9 Mag Quake Off Samar, Tsunami Warnings Issued

Underground quake of mag 7.9 has hit 60km off the east coast of Samar. Tsunami warnings issued for the Philippines, Guam, Indonesia, Japan, and Hawaii. Expected arrival in Hawaii at 12:28pm HST. No indication yet that an actual tsunami has been generated.

More here at Fox News.

UPDATE: 12.0831-2330 Manila Time:
Apparently a tsunami HAS been generated. More here.

UPDATE 12.0901-0030 Manila Time:
1 dead. All tsunami warnings have been cancelled. More here.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Happy 3rd Anniversary, Asawa Ko

On this day, 3 years ago, we finally fulfilled our promises to each other.
Salamat po, Asawa ko, for being there to take care of me and being
my guiding light in this world. Mahal na mahal kita, Asawa ko!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

War Clouds Brewing?

If you have seen recent headlines, you will know that DHS, HOAA, and SS are busy buying hundreds of thousands of rounds of hollow-point ammo. Plus riot gear. And bullet-proof check point booths.

The question is: why? Well, there has been some speculation that maybe they are expecting an uprising in the United States and the ammo is to be used on it's own people. But, that really doesn't make much sense.

However, a new theory has raised it's ugly head - Israel has been threatening to attack Iran over it's nuclear program. In fact, the saber-rattling has been getting worse over the past few months. Some think that it may happen in the next two months, before the election. Theories abound as to the timing, but that is not the point here.

The point is - if Israel DOES attack Iran, the Feds are worried about retaliation on US targets by Hamas / Hezbollah / Palestinian / Al Qaeda forces (and sympathizers) already in the US. THAT is what the ammo is for - so employees at federal offices can defend themselves against such attacks.

That makes MUCH more sense than feds turning on US citizens. Obama wouldn't be THAT freakin' stupid. Or would he? Okay, let's just pretend that he's not that stupid.

The chatter must be burning up the lines right now. I bet the intelligence guys are busier than hell.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Thank You, Thank You - I'm So Proud

The Big Lie About The Ryan Plan

the Ryan plan for Medicare will not affect anyone 55 years old or older. The current plan stays in effect for those people. The reforms will only affect those under 55 years old. However, if the plan is proposed and pushed through the legislature, it will take a couple of years - so in reality, it won't affect anyone 53 years old and older (at this current time).

Now, when you listen to the Democrats tell you that Ryan wants to demolish - gut - dismantle Medicare, that Ryan wants to strip Medicare from your parents, your grandparents, you will know they are lying. And once you realize that, think to yourself:

"If they are lying about _that_, what _else_ are they lying about?"

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Monsoon Rains And Flooding

Three years ago, Typhoon Andoy pummeled the Philippines and flooded Taguig City
(I had to walk through thigh-high water to get to the van to go to the airport).

Three years later, and there's almost identical flooding -
but the result of Monsoon rains, not a typhoon.

DAY 1 - August 7, 2012

DAY 2 - August 8, 2012