Friday, June 12, 2009

Flag Pole Spotlight - UPDATED


Here's another idea I had. I bought a solar-powered spotlight to light our flag at night (protocol states that if you leave a flag out at night, it should be lighted).

I had stuck the spotlight in the ground, pointing up at the flag, but here was this spotlight in the middle of the lawn, looking out of place.

And then it struck me - put the spotlight at the end of the flagpole and point it down at the flag.
Heh. It should work alright - the real test will be tonight.

Update 09.0615: After two days of playing with this spotlight (a piece of crap, BTW), I finally got it to work somewhat as I want. It originally came with three LEDs, which could hardly light up enough to tell that it was on, let alone 'spotlight' anything. I installed an additional three LEDs after the first night, but it still wasn't bright enough. Last night I installed another three LEDs, for a total of 9 LEDs. That seems to work well - good thing, too, as there's no more room to add more LEDs. The battery life is adeqate - I got up at 5am this morning, and it was still working. So, I think the project is done.

The major lesson learned is that LED spotlights are crap out of the box - especially if you pay only $10 for one. If you want a spotlight that works, either shell out the big bucks for a 'good' spotlight, or be prepared to do your own modifications to the crappy one.

I'll take a night shot of the whole setup so you can see how well it works :P

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