Monday, May 25, 2009

New Computer System - Double Yippee!

My old laptop gave up the ghost - well, I helped by giving it an inadvertent bath while powerwashing the roof, it's a long story - so I finally replaced it.

It's a Dell Inspiron Mini 10 (to the left). It's got a 10" screen, 160GB hdd, wireless, and HDMI outout. So I also bought the HP 20" LCD monitor, with a 1600x900 resolution. And that's a bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

Laptop - $300
LCD - $150
BT Keyboard/mouse - already had it

Very, very cheap. The cost for a new motherboard for my old laptop would have been around $300 - and there's no guarantee that's all that would need to be replaced. No idea if the LCD on the old laptop fried or not. And the key caps on the keyboard were starting to fall off, so...

And the new laptop is very lightweight and should be an extremely nice system to travel with. And when I'm at home, I have the bigger screen and the bigger keyboard / mouse.

Heh. It also plugs into my 42" flat panel, but that only goes up to 1024x768. But still cool.

Oh, it can also plug into my Mom's projection TV (HDMI to DTI) - so I can wirelessly pull movies from my desktop, play them on the laptop, and display it on the projection TV. Very, very cool :P

Now if I can just keep from getting this new toy wet. It doesn't help that I drool everytime I'm around it.

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